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L&M Consulting Group, Inc. was established in New York in early 1999  in order to provide the necessary infrastructure to conduct the international trade. Since its inception the main focus of its activities was the distribution of computer equipment in the CIS countries and Mongolia (11 countries in total).  For many years the company has worked directly with the world known IT manufactures like - APC, Bull, Canon, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens and Hewlett-Packard, having the direct distributorship contracts with all of them.

All this time L&M Consulting Group, Inc. been active on the CIS markets, covering from 30% to 80% of market share in this countries for computer technology and equipment. It’s sales for the period from 1999 to 2010 in the CIS countries amounted to more than 50 million U.S. dollars.


Optimally distributed company infrastructure, which included extensive network of branch offices, warehouses and representative offices in several countries of the CIS and the Middle East, provided the stable growth and development of the company. Not the least role in the success of the company played a balanced, well thought-out policies in working with partners and customers, taking into account the national peculiarities of doing business in each country.

The company has successfully implemented a number of major contracts with the government of Uzbekistan (in particular with the National Bank), Armenia (in particular with the Ministry of Interior), Georgia and Mongolia, including those involved in humanitarian projects, UNDP, World Bank and UNISEF to develop information networks for a number of ministries and agencies in these countries.


The experience of international trade accumulated during this time, direct experience with leading global corporations, extensive experience in managing a network of own offices in different countries and presence in the markets of many countries allowed L&M Consulting Group, Inc. to begin to develop new directions of its activities to provide consulting services to clients across the spectrum of foreign economic activity.

Based on the extensive knowledge, experience and accumulated patterns and relationships worldwide, L&M Consulting Group, Inc. recently moved the main focus of its activities into the area of Business Consulting, International Trade and Investments. Staff of the company consist of the highly qualified managers, trained for special programs and having significant experience in consulting, international trade and project development.