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Hardware Integration, Software Development, Technical Support

Integration today is more than just consolidation of different hardware and software systems on one single platform. Integration nowadays plays one of the key roles in finding the best, quickest and most efficient business management model. It is an irreplaceable IT-tool for the achievement of ambitious business goals under limited financial resources while meeting challenges of the uncertain market environment.

The main idea driving most integration projects lies not only in the implementation of a particular IT-solution but in using a comprehensive approach to the customer’s needs. This approach includes control and management of information resources, optimization of the business processes and modeling of the future development trends.

L&M Consulting Group, Inc. provides a full range of integration services:

  • Business consulting and technical consulting - assistance in making the right choice of the required solution, analysis of the business processes, development of various financial schemes and means of payment, etc.;
  • Implementation of the comprehensive enterprise resource management systems;
  • Development of the system-wide project solutions as a core base for large information systems;
  • Organization and control of the project team work;
  • Expertise of the project solutions and producing recommendations on the fulfillment of integration and administration tasks;
  • Component integration with respect to functional, hardware - software and administrative supply;
  • Training and maintenance.

In the process of software development the company relies on global experience in the area of designing systems based on modern methodologies (Oracle Unified Method, CDM, PJM, TOGAF, RUP, PMBОK 2008). Design teams work in strict compliance with the adopted governmental standards and recommendations for developing systems, implementation, operation, maintenance and enhancement of software products.

Technical support services of L&M Consulting Group, Inc. comply with international quality standards, technical service standards and especially ISO/IEC 122207-95. The experience and skills gained by our specialists over many years of providing technical support for Oracle products played an important role in the formation of L&M Consulting Group, Inc. technical support services.

The company's specialists have extensive experience of functional maintenance of software environments, using licensed software. 

The effectiveness of our customers’ information systems is achieved through the well-developed client-oriented set of services, large partner network of companies geographically located around the globe (North and South America (USA, Canada, Mexico), European Union, Asia (China and India)), the centers of functional support of which work according to unified international industry quality standards.

Customers of technical support of the L&M Consulting Group, Inc. information systems are provided with optional advice on:

-              - Installation and operation of licensed software, including identification of errors in the functioning software and development of solutions for their elimination:

a)   through web portal of the Help-Desk class;

b)   by phone;

c)   by e-mail.

-              - Elimination of software operation errors constituting the software environments that are in use.


In addition, customer information systems support service includes preventive software surveys, analysis of performance reports and development of optimization proposals.

In order to reduce production risks of information systems support, customer can make a special request for support services that may include an additional level (third) level of optimization and development of information systems based on software solutions of many suppliers, which reduces the cost of periodic expenses.